Check out some work examples below!

Check out some work examples below!

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you become a Microblade Technician?

I have been beautifying brows for as long as I can remember! I’ve always drawn brows, even when I was in college for set design, I would look down at my paper and see it was filled with brows.

One day I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across a beautiful set of eyebrows only to find they were tattooed! It was so new and different to me, and I was blown away by the ingenious of it! Shortly after finding that image and doing an insane amount of research, I found a microblading class put on by one of Rochester NY’s most sought after technician, Gina from Revive. That class opened doors for me to meet Jordan and continue in this field with Making It Awesome in Rochester NY. I create brows in Mint Salon and Need Salon and Spa!

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What makes you different from other Microblade Technicians?

I believe what sets me apart from other microbladers is that it isn’t just skill or technique, but it’s my passion. With skill, you can always grow it; you can always get educated and refine your skills. Skill isn’t hard to find, but passion is. My passions are to serve people, to love them, and encourage them. With microblading, I have a wonderful opportunity to bring both my skill and my passion! I have also continued my education to offer other options for semi-permanent brow work, which gives you a shadow brow, also known as Ombre Brows. We can even do a combination of Microblading and Shadowing to give you the ultimate brows!

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Seriously… you can scroll down early because I know you want to see these brows!

What types of personalities do you work best with?

I tend to work best with personalities that are friendly, flexible, and laidback. This isn’t to say that I don’t love when my clients have strong opinions, I genuinely appreciate it! It is on your face, after all! But when the client and I can be on the same page not only about the eyebrows, but even in compatible personalities, it allows both of us to better trust each other!

I love when clients bring in their goals and desired ideas, but I will not work with clients who are stubborn in achieving unrealistic outcomes. This is very much a team effort, and as much as they should have their opinions, as an artist, I have my own. The goal is to find the happy medium of both so that we can achieve a realistic set of beautiful eyebrows that will best suit them. As for personalities, I tend to work with any type of personality, but I will refuse service for rude and entitled customers, so please be kind!

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What exactly is a service with you feel like and what does it include?

  • When you come in, you will be greeted and checked in at our front desk. You will be offered your choice of coffee, tea, or water (probably numerous times by our very kind staff), and your coat will be hung for you.

  • You will have to fill out a medical consent form (if you have any medical conditions listed on the form, you will be denied service for your own best interest).

  • Then we will take a picture of your before brows on our famous pineapple wall (I won’t put it up on social media if you don’t want it public). After your mini photoshoot, we will go upstairs and start the consultation:

    • Here, we will go over any questions and what you’re looking for in terms of your brows. We will discuss your lifestyle (what kind of makeup do you wear normally, are you active, what is your work life like, any hobbies, etc.) We can go over any pictures you bring as well.

    • We will go into brow mapping and shaping based on your facial structure. I will make a base shape, from which we can easily adjust according to your desires (i.e., longer tail, thicker, thinner, etc). This is usually the longest part of the procedure.

  • If you are still unsure, I can always pre-draw hairstrokes with the makeup pencil to show you a general look of the outcome before opening any skin!

  • Then we will go into color selection. Based on what you want, I will make suggestions and do color swatches, but at the end we will pick it together.

  • With your approval, we will go into numbing the skin, which is achieved with a topical numbing cream. It will sit for 30 minutes, so this is the time to relax, drink more tea, or take any bathroom breaks.

  • After wiping away the anesthetic, I will go into the actual procedure.

    • For microblading: I will do the first pass, which will act as a skeleton for the rest of the hairstrokes to follow. I will then create the remaining hairstrokes in between the skeleton strokes. I will apply a color mask (rubbing-in of pigment into the skin) and then move onto the other brow. After finishing the other brow and wiping away the color mask, I will apply a second open-skin anesthetic which will help with any discomfort. I will then do a second pass, where I will go over each stroke with very gentle pressure to ensure each stroke has pigment.

    • For machine shading with ombre brows, we will start with creating the outline. From there we will lightly shade in the brow starting from the tail, working my way to the head. There will be 3-4 passes (going from tail to head), so the second anesthetic will be applied in between each pass to minimize discomfort.

    • For both procedures, I will apply a color mask to after the final pass. After wiping away the color mask, we can both assess the results and make any minor adjustments.

  • When we are content, I will apply a small amount of Neosporin Cream and explain the after-care sheet which I will send home with you. We will head downstairs, take another mini photoshoot for your after-brows, and reschedule a following touch up 4-6 weeks later.

  • At the touch up appointment, we will assess the healed results and making any needed adjustments. Everyone has different skin types and lifestyles so I cannot accurately guarantee what the outcome will look like at the initial appointment, or even during the healing process. This is why the touch up is a vital time to go over everything together and perfect them!

What can I, as a client, expect?

Besides all the stated above, you should expect repetitive questioning of “Are you doing okay?” and “Do you want me to get you anything to drink?” I want you to feel comfortable throughout the whole process, so I highly encourage you to bring pictures and a lot of questions! If by the end of the consultation, you still feel uncomfortable proceeding, I would encourage rescheduling later until you feel ready!

Expect to feel fierce and have confidence that EXPLODES through the roof. Together we are going to make a plan from start to finish to find the brows that were meant for you! You will never be alone with me and my salon! You will find your home at Mint and I’m excited to start working with you!

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