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Welcome to our team!

We are so happy to have you join our journey!

Here you will find the most updated information for education, events, news, or just a hello from your coaching team!

On your employee portal you will find everything you need to succeed and understand where you stand in this company. Let’s take a little walk through the portal so you know exactly how things work.

Book a meeting

This page allows you to schedule a meeting with Jordan or your coach whenever you feel like you need a little clarity. We have an open door policy when it comes to communication. We understand that it can sometimes be intimidated or scary to talk to your leadership team about concerns you may have, but we want to know so we can address them. We may not be aware of what is bothering you and as an employee of our company, your feelings are valid and incredibly important to our growth.

Pay Structure

This page will walk you through exactly how you will get paid. We pay an hourly rate based on your commission. We understand that commission is the most typical way of getting paid in this industry but we don’t like the inconsistency it gives to providers. When you go to purchase your dream house, a car, or get a credit card having a consistent paycheck will offer you the ability to do the things you need and want to do. With commission your paycheck varies from week to week and often during the slow seasons you only get paid minimum wage. When you’re paid hourly it’s just like you’re working with commission, you just don’t have weeks where you don’t get paid if you’re not busy! Your hourly will be looked at every three months so as you get busier and build your schedule your pay will reflect the additional revenue provided!


This broadband is your map to success. It lays everything out so you’re never confused about what you need to learn next. As you begin checking off each area you begin to work towards the next level which is where your pay and your benefits increase! The best part of the broadband is the clarity if offers you for your path to success! You can work through the broadband at your own speed so you can go from a Foundation to an Artistic Designer as quickly as you want! With each level at need. you begin to take on new positions and responsibilities so if you're someone who needs constant change, you can get change as often as you like within our company!

Team Map

The team map shows you the growth path as well as where you have to be to open your own business within Making It Awesome or how to get to the general management positions (HUB + Directors) that oversee and help build all of the MIA businesses. If you’re ready to step away from the chair or beside the bed, but want to stay in this company, there are positions for you.


We are proud to offer many benefits to our staff because we know how hard life can be. From fun and amazing fringe benefits to important therapy sessions, we are here to help you. We know how to have fun and we are proud of that, but we know the not so sexy benefits are just as important as our parties!

Team Newsletter

You’re reading it! This newsletter is a place where we will post events, educational items, links, party invites, and more so we are all on the same page! Please check back every Wednesday to make sure you don’t miss anything. Don’t worry we’re sure people will be talking about the content if you forget! We encourage you all to submit posts for our newsletter if you have good news to share, a new technique to talk about, or anything you want your team to know about! Have something to say about one of the newsletters? Comment away!

Once you’ve read this comment the following so your team gets to know you!

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  3. Your favorite food

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  5. Your 1-year personal and your 1-year business goal