Team Work Makes the Dream Work

We get it, it’s the cheesiest saying in the book, but it’s the truth. You can go fast alone, but you can go far with others. We are here for the long haul, looking at the bigger picture. Focus on the Macro versus the Micro. At need. we focus on never ending growth from working with your team to starting your own team under the Making It Awesome name. Wherever you find yourself happiest is where we want to see you be!

We work as a team. What does that mean? It means that no one goes at this alone. We all help each other build by sharing knowledge, ideas, and your help. When someone needs help, your team is there to pick up the slack. Guest of need. are not owned by one provider, rather they are part of the need. family. We believe that guests have free will and they should feel like they have the opportunity to visit anyone in the salon for their services based on their needs and schedule.

We know this works because of our history of building people up in their careers. We truly believe and know that we are the best out there from our services to our business model and we are happy you think so too!

Take a look at our Team Map and see what your possibilities are!

Both Businesses.png


This means your growth never ends when you’re a part of Making It Awesome.

Imagine never having to apply to another job again but always getting the change you need? That’s what we want to give to you! A place where you will always grow, have opportunities to focus on your passion, and even get away from being behind the chair or bedside when you’re ready. We understand that there are so many avenues to go within this industry and we want to offer you every option you can imagine when the time is right from education, leadership, marketing, human recourses, coaching, partnership, to salon ownership.

We know that many of you have dreams of opening your own salon or spa. If that’s you we want to do, we want to support you and help you become part of our Making It Awesome team of business. When you’re ready to start thinking about it, schedule an appointment with Jordan to create an action plan to get you where you need to be in order to own your own MIA business!