Microblading | ombre brows


*Please read all sections before booking! Thank you!*


What is microblading?

  • Microblading, also known as 3D brows, brow embroidery, and micro-pigmentation is the most requested semi-permanent cosmetic procedure. The process consists of customizing the brow shape, fullness, and color to complement each individual client. By using a manual hand tool called a microblade, your technician is able to create defined and natural looking strokes to deposit the pigment into the outer most layer of your skin. Each service is customized to your personal needs, goals, and desires!

  • Based on your consultation with your technician you can achieve density and dimension to existing brows or shape and fullness where there is little to no brow. After your initial procedure your brows will take a little time to heal before the touch up session is needed 4-6 weeks after.

  • Your beautiful new brows will last one to two years! 

  • Scroll down to see an example of microblading done by Yoona (@browsbyyoona).

What are “Ombre Brows”?

  • Ombre brows is style of semi-permanent brows done entirely with machine shading. The technique consists of machine shading an “ombre” effect (light to dark fade throughout the brow), with the tail of the brow being the darkest and the head being the lightest. This technique will give a more powdery makeup look when it is fully healed.

    • It is less invasive on the skin than microblading.

    • It is recommended for all skin types (whereas microblading is recommended more for dry skin types).

    • It will also last longer on the skin than microblading (2-3 years).

    • This is great if you like a defined, FLEEKY brow! If you wear makeup often, this is for you! If you don’t wear makeup often or you just like a more natural brow, we recommend: microblading, microshading, or soft ombre powder brows.

  • Scroll down to see an example of ombre brows done by Yoona (@browsbyyoona).

Why microblading/semi-permanent brows?

  • If you desire fuller or even-looking brows!

  • Sweat and waterproof brows!

  • Wake up with perfect brows with little to no maintenance!

  • Semi-permanent brows are perfect if you like to adjust the brow shape, colors, or follow brow trends.

How long does it last?

  • The lifespan of your brows varies from person to person depending on skin type, lifestyle, and other reasons. On average it ranges anywhere from 1-3 years for microblading. A color refresh/annual touch up is recommended after your initial procedure to ensure the desired longevity.

What is a touch up?

  • Perfect brows is a 2-session procedure. As much as we would both like to have perfect brows within one session, it is not likely. Throughout the healing process, there may be patches, or missing hairs. Within 6-8 weeks following your initial procedure, we recommend coming in for your complimentary touch up. At this point, we can make any finishing adjustments to perfect your brows!

Does it hurt?

  • We use a pre-numb before the procedure, and an additional (*LIDOCAINE-based) anesthetic during the procedure to reduce as much discomfort for you as possible! Most clients have minimal pain! But it would be a lie if we said it was completely painless for everyone. It can vary due to personal pain tolerance, or the client’s reaction to the numbing agents. Some clients have related the procedure to eyebrow threading, plucking multiple hairs at once, or light scratching. Usually the sound shocks people more than the pain, so you are more than welcome to bring earphones to listen to your music!

What is the healing process like?

  • Many clients asked about the redness of the pigment following the procedure—please don’t worry, as the redness will go away within a week. The orange/red ensures that your brows won’t heal grey.

  • After your treatment, your brows will go through several phases during the healing cycle. In the beginning it will be dark, bold, and red/tender. Around day 5 your brows will start to flake and scab off until day 7-10. At this point, the pigment might look too light, but this is because the skin is still mending and new skin cells are forming. Don’t panic—firstly the wounds should be healed over so you can wear brow powder to fill in sparse areas. Secondly, around days 15-21 the color and definition will return, so you can fully assess your brows then! True reflection of the healed color can only be assessed 4-5 weeks after the initial treatment. The complete healing process will take about a month, sometimes longer, depending on your skin and your after care. As much as it is our job to make the brows look good, it is also your job to maintain and make the most out of this beautiful investment! Aftercare is VITAL!

How do you choose the shape and color?

  • We at Mint value working with the client together to make your perfect brows, and perfect hair! At the beginning of your appointment, we will discuss what you want for your brows (you can bring references or wear makeup to show us what you like!). The artist will give recommendations, but we always want your input! The artist will also use brow mapping and measurements to ensure symmetrical brows. If you are uncomfortable, we can do a pre-draw with an eyebrow pencil, which won’t break any skin! Similarly for color, you and your artist will choose a color together to best suit your skin tone and your preference!

I’m still nervous and have questions! What do I do?

  • Please feel free to call or book online a free consultation. Come with questions, pictures (brow goals!), etc.


**You must read through the policy before booking!

  • We cannot provide this service if:

    •  You are under 18 years old! It is ILLEGAL to tattoo anyone under 18-years-old.

    • You have diabetes, glaucoma, skin diseases such as Shingles, psoriasis or eczema on the area of treatment, allergies to permanent makeup, Keloid disorder, HIV/Hepatitis, skin cancer, are on chemotherapy, have had an organ transplant, hemophilia, if you’re taking skin medications like Accutane, and steroids, or if you’re taking blood thinners.

      • If you are able to get off of blood thinners, please stop using them at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment.

      • If you are on Accutane, you need to be off it 12 months prior to normalize as Accutane makes your skin hypersensitive, and places you at a higher risk for scarring and hyper-pigmentation.

      • With botox: please receive your botox appointment at least 3 weeks prior.

  • (We use lidocaine-based topical anesthetic creams—please make sure you’re not allergic to lidocaine)

  • For previously tattooed brows: if they are too dark, dense, and discolored (blue, orange, green), we do not offer cover up or color-correction yet. In some cases we may recommend tattoo removal. But if you are unsure, please email staff@getminty.com to get an assessment before booking.

  • If you show up to an appointment with previous cosmetic tattoos that the artist was not aware of ahead of time, or if you have specific medical conditions that prevent you from receiving the procedure, she may deny you as a client. It is always for your best interest, so thank you for understanding!

  • We have the right to refuse service to anyone!

    Please continue reading to the Brow Pre-Care


  • If you normally get them waxed or threaded to a favorite shape, please do so at least 3 days in advance. It is also totally fine to leave as much hair as you’d like, and your artist will remove any stray hairs.

  • If you get them tinted, please do so at least 1 week in advance.

  • If you get botox done, please receive your botox appointments at least 3 weeks prior to your microblading appointment.

  • Do not use any products containing Retin-A/Retinol, glycolics, or vitamin c serums for 7 days prior to the procedure (you must also discontinue use on brow area after the procedure), as this can alter or fade the tattoo pigment.

  • We cannot microblade on sunburnt skin, so please reschedule if necessary. The sunburnt skin will exfoliate, taking the pigment with it. Please avoid sun tanning/tanning bed exposure for 30 days both before and after the procedure.

  • Please avoid chemical peels, laser treatments, microdermabrasion, or blood thinners at least 4 weeks prior to the appointment.

  • **DO NOT: drink caffeine (sorry!), alcohol, take painkillers, fish oils, or any medication that thins the blood 24 hours prior to your microblading appointment. If you are on blood thinner, please consult with your doctor.

  • **DO NOT: exercise 24 hours prior to your procedure.


  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the tattooed area. If you are going to apply after-care cream to your brows, we recommend using clean cotton swabs.

  • Starting from day 3, until your brow area is fully healed, apply after-care cream. When applying the after-care cream, use only a very small amount. Apply a thin layer (the product should not be visible—if so, you’re applying too much!) Repeat no less than twice a day or apply as needed.

  • Immediately following your procedure, the tattooed area will appear drastically darker and bolder in color. The brows will fade down during the coming days.

  • Redness and swelling will go down within 24-48 Hours. At times the treated area may feel sore or “sunburned” but there should be minimal discomfort. We recommend applying a pain relieving after-care cream.

  • The treated area will be dry and flaky. Please allow your brows to flake off naturally, as picking can cause scarring and premature loss of pigment.

  • Please avoid moisturizers, face oils, Vaseline (any petroleum jelly-based product) from your brows for the first two weeks.

  • Please avoid any makeup on your brows for the first two weeks. The chemicals and oils can affect the healing process. After the 10th day, or adequate healing of the brows (all scabs are off), if you are uncomfortable walking around with any patchy spots, you may use brow powder only!

  • Please avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, steamy showers, excessive sweating, and facials or skin treatments.

  • Please avoid sun tanning, increased exposure of sunlight (wear hats, large sunglasses, and baby sunscreen especially in the beginning). Over exposure to the sun can cause fading and discoloration. (No tanning beds for 30 days!)

  • Glycolic acid, Retin-A, face peels, and exfoliation must be kept away from the tattooed area.

    • For Retin-A, please keep in mind that continued use will cause premature fading.

  • Tip: Even after your brows are fully healed, we highly recommend keeping the skin moisturized and sun-protected for fleeky brows all year long! (This goes for any tattoos!) After your brows are fully healed and you get foundation on your brows, take a wet cotton swab and clean the brows of foundation to keep them looking their best!


Microblading | $350 | (2 HRS) This is a natural looking technique that mimics real hairs. This offer comes with a complimentary follow up appointment. Perfect brows come with two sessions! *This is recommended for dry-normal skin types. Oily skin types may not have as crispy healed hair strokes or overall longevity with this method.

Ombre Brows | $400 | (3-4 HRS) These are the brows for you if you like the brow powder look. This procedure uses machine shading and the opacity of the “powder look” can be adjusted to your desires. This offer comes with a complimentary follow up appointment. Perfect brows come with two sessions! *This is recommended for all skin types.

Combo Brows | $400 | (3-4 HRS) This is a combination of a fleeky ombre brow and microblading. Hair strokes are microbladed only on the front (head) of the brow and the rest of the brow is achieved via the ombre style. This offer comes with a complimentary follow up appointment. Perfect brows come with two sessions! *This is recommended for most skin types

Microshading | $350 | (2.5 HRS) Also known as hybrid brows or blade & shade. This is a combination of microblading and shading. This offer comes with a complimentary follow up appointment. Perfect brows come with two sessions! *This is recommended for those with dry-normal skin types.

Additional Retouches (within 6 months) | $75-$125 | This retouch is outside of the first visit and complimentary follow up. It is $75 for a microblading 6-month touch up and $125 for an ombre 6-month touch up. Yoona, the microblade artist, does not do touch ups for other artists’ work. Please send clear photos of your bare brows to be approved, or come in for a free consultation. *For existing clients only. All new clients will be charged the full price.

Annual Touch up | $150-$200 | We recommend yearly touch ups to maintain color and longevity. It is $150 for an annual microblading touch up, and $200 for an annual ombre touch up. Yoona, the microblade artist, does not do touch ups for other artists’ work. Please send clear photos of your bare brows to be approved, or come in for a free consultation. *For existing clients only. All new clients will be charged the full price.

Color Correction | $100 | This is an additional service and cost on top of any service (for both touch up or full service) for color correction work on existing brow tattoos. If you have existing brow tattoos, PLEASE send clear photos of your brows to staff@getminty.com to get approved before booking.

 * We do not offer tattoo removal. If you have a previous tattoo from another artist, you must send us clear photos of your current brows to staff@getminty.com to get approved by our artist before booking.

Call (585) 461-9368 or click the “BOOK NOW” button on the bottom right corner of your screen to schedule your free consultation or to book your initial appointment.

OMBRE BROWS | These beauties will heal to look like brow makeup/brow tint.

OMBRE BROWS | These beauties will heal to look like brow makeup/brow tint.

MICROBLADING | These brows are made to look like hairstrokes.

MICROBLADING | These brows are made to look like hairstrokes.